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Honest Pricing and No Sales Gimmicks – Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning

SPITz is an honest Los Angeles carpet cleaning service that provides top quality work at honest pricing.  But we understand how the other Los Angeles carpet cleaners work. First, they lure you in with inexpensive advertised prices, such as $25 per room, but when you call them and book their services, they inform you that […]

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Rotovac Outshines Other Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning Services

Not all Los Angeles carpet cleaning services are created equally:  Just like any industry, the equipment your Los Angeles carpet cleaners choose to use will affect their results and ultimately, how satisfied you are as a customer. SPITz Carpet Cleaning has always taken pride in providing the best quality service possible, which is why we […]

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Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning Tips: A Vacuum a Day Keeps the Carpet Cleaner Away

Many folks in Los Angeles need to enlist the help of an area rug cleaner or professional steam cleaner for carpet restoration or pet stain removal.  Though the vacuum won’t do much to prevent your pets from breaking the rules from time to time on your carpets, they can do a lot for the former. […]

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Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning Tips: Stop your Dog from Peeing in the House!

We Los Angeles carpet cleaners probably owe a significant portion of our assets to household dogs—I’m not sure I can think of a single bigger contribution to Los Angeles carpet cleaning calls than pet stain removal. To a point, we love dogs that pee in the house, but don’t get carried away—pet urine is acidic […]

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Berber Carpet Cleaning Chronicles Part 1: Berber Carpet Cleaning in Los Angeles

Many customers who need Los Angeles carpet cleaning services, especially property management companies that need large scale commercial carpet cleaning for their properties, need it done on Berber carpets. There are a few things you need to know about Berber—first of all, many decorators, contractors and even carpet manufacturers recommend not buying Berber if you’re […]

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Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning: Hot Water Extraction Benefits

Most Los Angeles carpet cleaners, as well as may authorities on home inspection such as the IICRC recommend getting your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year for both health, safety and maximizing the value of your home. For those that smoke indoors or have pets, most Los Angeles carpet cleaning companies bump the […]

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