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Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning Tips: A Vacuum a Day Keeps the Carpet Cleaner Away

Many folks in Los Angeles need to enlist the help of an area rug cleaner or professional steam cleaner for carpet restoration or pet stain removal.  Though the vacuum won’t do much to prevent your pets from breaking the rules from time to time on your carpets, they can do a lot for the former.

Using a vacuum regularly is the No. 1 way to reduce your need for Los Angeles carpet cleaning services—the less dirt and dust that you allow to accumulate on your carpets, the less can be grinded into the fibers.

Though most people don’t realize it, it’s the steady flow of dust from the outside world that’s your carpet’s worst enemy—not a major spill or accident.  It’s the dust and dirt particles that seep in through windows, doors, AC units and off shoes that are responsible for those nasty high-traffic areas on your carpets and rugs.

These particles are also a Los Angeles carpet cleaner’s worst enemy—they can also do permanent damage to carpet fibers that makes carpet restoration difficult and sometimes impossible.

If you want to limit the amount of times annually you need to call LA carpet cleaning services, here are a couple tips:

Vacuum Regularly

Getting into the habit of vacuuming regularly, at least once a week or so, will remove much of the dirt and dust particles that cause major carpet damage.  Doing so—or making the kids do so—can result in big savings on Los Angeles carpet cleaning services and much longer carpet life.

Change Air Filters Frequently

Doing so not only ups the quality of the air you breathe, but also prevents dust and dirt particles from settling on your floors and carpets.  This simple step can help keep your dust and dirt to minimal levels, making their removal more manageable with a vacuum instead of needing to call the Los Angeles carpet cleaning service.

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