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Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning: Hot Water Extraction Benefits

Most Los Angeles carpet cleaners, as well as may authorities on home inspection such as the IICRC recommend getting your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year for both health, safety and maximizing the value of your home.

For those that smoke indoors or have pets, most Los Angeles carpet cleaning companies bump the recommendation up to twice a year.

To really remove microorganisms and harmful particles from your carpets, SPITz Carpet Cleaning always incorporates hot water extraction into our service.

Some Los Angeles carpet cleaning services utilize carpet shampooing or dry cleaning—using masking chemicals—in their services, but we use hot water extraction in almost every circumstance.  Here’s why:

Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning is Tougher that Most Cities

Ever notice that smog hanging over the 101 or 405 during your drive time commute?  Well, that stuff gets in your carpet fibers as well—Los Angeles isn’t exactly the least-polluted city in the country, and hot water extraction actually removes dirt, pollutants and microorganisms as opposed to other chemical methods.

Non-Toxic and Little to No Residue

Chemical treatments can leave powdery or sticky residues on your would-be pristine fibers, especially after dust and traffic have some time to re-accumulate.  Additionally, the toxins found in many leading fabric chemicals could be dangerous for kids, pets and even adults if they are inhaled or come into contact with the skin.

The Deepest Clean

If you spill hot wing sauce on your favorite sweatshirt, would you spray it with chemicals and wear it again?  It’s clearly better to wash it with hot water on a tough washing machine cycle…the same logic is applied to your carpets.

Do it right the first time with hot water extraction—contact us for a consultation or to schedule a Los Angeles carpet cleaning!

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