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Honest Pricing and No Sales Gimmicks – Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning

SPITz is an honest Los Angeles carpet cleaning service that provides top quality work at honest pricing.  But we understand how the other Los Angeles carpet cleaners work.

First, they lure you in with inexpensive advertised prices, such as $25 per room, but when you call them and book their services, they inform you that either 1. Your rooms are too large to meet the dimensions of the $25 offer, or 2. The $25 offer is only good for light shampooing services, not true deep cleaning.

Many Los Angeles carpet cleaners will use inexpensive chemicals that refract light and only mask hefty stains, shadowing or high traffic spots.

At SPITz, we exclusively use powerful Rotovac carpet cleaning equipment that’s tough enough to effectively clean the toughest of stains.  We also use 100 percent environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to provide a true deep clean—no masking or cover-ups.

SPITz gives every client an honest evaluation and quote for top-quality service up front.  No gimmicks with pricing or up-sells and no tricks with our equipment or services.

Whether you need spot cleaning or area rug cleaning for simple pet stain removal or you’re looking for long term commercial services for your office or commercial building, trust in SPITz to always deliver top-quality carpet cleaning services while leaving the sales gimmicks to the other Los Angles carpet cleaners.

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