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Berber Carpet Cleaning Chronicles Part 1: Berber Carpet Cleaning in Los Angeles

Many customers who need Los Angeles carpet cleaning services, especially property management companies that need large scale commercial carpet cleaning for their properties, need it done on Berber carpets.

There are a few things you need to know about Berber—first of all, many decorators, contractors and even carpet manufacturers recommend not buying Berber if you’re outfitting your own home for the long term.

Berber carpet cleaning is really difficult and often yields fairly disappointing results.  Many proprietors will purchase it because it’s inexpensive and easy to replace, but it is definitely not as easy as regular carpet to maintain.

Berber carpet is a woven carpet with tiny tufts—the name Berber actually refers to the specific weave rather than to the fibers itself.

Berber gives carpet cleaners in Los Angeles their biggest challenge—it is initially marketed as stain resistant and able to hold up in high traffic areas, but this is only initially true.  Once dirt gets lodged into the woven fibers, it becomes difficult to clean without the best carpet cleaning machines.

Plus, as traffic continues, dirt and other particles cause the woven fibers to wear, which really shows the traffic pattern.  Even if a great carpet cleaner manages to get all of the dirt out, the traffic areas will continue to show—something that’s always difficult for customers.

Unfortunately, there are some Los Angeles carpet cleaners that will feign the ability to clean Berber—doing so usually with chem. Dry carpet cleaning methods that really just refract light with chemicals rather than removing dirt.  This will yield an initially satisfying result, but within weeks, the results will vanish and the high traffic stained areas will reemerge.

If you’re stuck with Berber carpets, get them professionally cleaned every six months—otherwise, you may be disappointed with their short life.  If you have severely damaged Berber carpet, don’t trust anyone carpet cleaning service that doesn’t warn you against the possibility of less than amazing results.

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