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Rotovac Outshines Other Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning Services

Not all Los Angeles carpet cleaning services are created equally:  Just like any industry, the equipment your Los Angeles carpet cleaners choose to use will affect their results and ultimately, how satisfied you are as a customer.

SPITz Carpet Cleaning has always taken pride in providing the best quality service possible, which is why we exclusively use Rotovac carpet cleaning equipment.

Rotovac out-performs other industrial-strength equipment by offering 6 times the cleaning and vacuuming power of manual steam cleaning wands.  Plus, its rotary movement allows your carpet fibers to be cleaned from multiple angles.

The cleaning power of the Rotovac carpet cleaning takes lots of the muscle out of carpet cleaning—usually only one pass is necessary with the Rotovac where other equipment requires multiple passes. This translates to more striking results wile being less taxing to the operator, meaning faster, more efficient and oftentimes friendlier service.

Many manual steam cleaning wands consist of one spray jet that shoots hot water and cleaning solution on your carpet fibers, while a trailing vacuum slot sucks up the water and dirt.  The Rotovac incorporates two rotary heads, each equipped with 3 spray jets and vacuum slots, which rotate at 250 RPM.

This rotation effectively removes tough stains and shadowing that other steam cleaners just can’t wipe out, providing a true deep cleaning to your carpet, without the use of harmful chemicals or cleaning solutions.

Where other Los Angeles carpet cleaning companies just provide hot water and extraction services, SPITz provides the full scrubbing power of the Rotovac, for fast and efficient results you can see long after your carpets are cleaned.

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