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Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning Tips: Stop your Dog from Peeing in the House!

We Los Angeles carpet cleaners probably owe a significant portion of our assets to household dogs—I’m not sure I can think of a single bigger contribution to Los Angeles carpet cleaning calls than pet stain removal.

To a point, we love dogs that pee in the house, but don’t get carried away—pet urine is acidic and can significantly damage carpet fibers and pads, especially if odor seeps into the pad under the carpet.  When this occurs, many Los Angeles carpet cleaning services will come up short in solving the problem.  So rather than letting the pooches run rampant, we’ve come up with a helpful guide to aid you in your quest to train your household pet.

Understanding Pet Stain Removal

Dogs who leave huge puddles of urine on the carpet were probably locked in for too long and couldn’t hold their bladders any longer—or just didn’t want to go outside.  But many pets will leave small patches of urine on your carpets.  The dogs that leave small area stains can be more problematic for you in the long run—while type 1 might necessitate a call to your Los Angeles carpet cleaner, type 2 will continually mark their territory or leave their scent on your furniture, carpet or even walls.

Dogs aren’t repulsed by humans by their urine, instead, they communicate with it, leaving their scent and showing how large they are in the territory they mark. (That’s why dogs tend to lift their legs and pee on objects, to indicate a larger body.)

Change the Behavior

Dogs may continually mark their territory in the house because they are insecure.  Providing your pet with extra attention and a proper feeding schedule relaxes them, making them less likely to look for security in marking their scent.

Dogs also tend to learn extraordinarily quickly from reinforcement when being caught in the act. Firing off a loud noise and a stern command while catching them in the act can help them learn you don’t want them leaving their scent in a certain area.  Positive reinforcement when they go outside, or where they’re supposed to, can help you permanently solve your pet stain problems.

Finally, if your dog is a puppy, behavioral training and housebreaking routines are a good idea.  Interestingly enough, neutering your pet can also help! Many male dogs who are overly aggressive also overly mark their territory.

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