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Offices can be busy places, and some areas receive more traffic than others. Of course, carpets in high traffic areas are more prone to wear and tear, not to mention stains and dirt, thus they need more attention. High traffic areas in offices include the pantry, supply room, printer and fax area, waiting area, reception, conference rooms, and hallways. Clean carpets are essential to any workplace – a good indoor environment actually improves employee productivity.

Professional carpet cleaning service should be done every 6 to 12 months. SPITz Carpet Cleaning of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley provides carpet cleaning for commercial areas. Our trained technicians will go over every square foot of your office to make sure that no spots or stains are missed. We are experts in carpet stain removal. For your convenience, you can schedule a cleaning appointment with us after hours, at night, or even on the weekends. We service all of Los Angeles including Beverly Hills. Just call us up and we will take care of your carpets and make them look good as new again.

At SPITz Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles we use modern Rotovac equipment and hot water extraction, the method preferred by most carpet manufacturers. Our cleaning agents are safe, gentle, and allergen-free.