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When you need a Los Angeles rug cleaning service for area rug cleaning or spot treatments, call SPITz for some of the safest and most effective carpet cleaning in Los Angeles.

SPITz uses industry-leading Rotovac steam cleaners and extractors to remove deep stains that seem hopeless to other Los Angeles carpet cleaners, all without damaging any carpet fibers.


  • Honest Pricing and Satisfaction Guaranteed Results
  • Won’t Damage Fabric or Rug Fibers
  • Rivals the Best Los Angeles Carpet Cleaners
  • Dependable Service You Can Trust
  • Licensed and Bonded

Our powerful Los Angeles rug cleaning service is as effective as the industry allows, and safe for even the most precious or fine oriental rugs.

SPITz can sanitize, deodorize and remove wine, pet or other deep stains from any of your rugs or carpets. Using all non-toxic cleaning solutions makes us one of the safest and most effective Los Angeles carpet cleaning companies.

Not all Los Angeles carpet cleaners are alike-many will try to lure you in with attractive pricing, only to up-sell you on basic services once they’re booked. SPITz offers some of the most honest evaluations and price quotes of any Los Angeles carpet cleaning company.

SPITz can handle any Los Angeles carpet cleaning service, from rugs and upholstery to full commercial buildings and offices.