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Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning: Solutions to Flea Infestations in Carpet

In most cases, carpet cleaning services are thought of as resolving issues with dirt and spots on your carpet. However, carpet cleaning can handle fleas is another matter completely.Killing Fleas in your Los Angeles Carpet

SPITz Carpet Cleaning is well-known for their superior, deep-down cleaning capabilities; however, did you also know that their unique Roto Vac equipment can help to eradicate fleas as well?

SPITz Carpet Cleaning Services and Fleas

Anyone that has pets can easily tell you that the ability to keep a house clean when you have furry friends roaming around can be quite a challenge. From fuzz, hairballs and muddy paws, you can clearly see the need for regular services from SPITz Carpet Cleaning. Keeping your carpet clean can even be more challenging since they have the tendency to trap much more fur and dirt, as well as other unwanted debris and smells. Another huge issue is that your pet can bring in some very unwelcome visitors: fleas.

The Flea: that annoying little blood sucker that enter in your home by clinging to your dog or cat. The bites can cause red and itchy bumps, as well as complete misery for you and your pets. While adult fleas and eggs are usually found hanging out on your pet, fleas in their larva stage typically remain in your carpet. Here they will feed off of the matter, including dried blood, which remains in the areas where your pet rests.

The only way that you can be sure that you are rid of the flea larvae is with professional carpet cleaning. When you use these steps, the fleas will not stand a chance!

  • Vacuum the carpets thoroughly to remove any eggs or larvae that are present in the carpet;
  • Seal the vacuum bag in a plastic bag and throw it outside immediately, which will ensure they cannot reenter your home.

You can also apply insecticides to your carpets, however it is important that you keep pets and people away as they can be toxic. Keep in mind, SPITz carpet cleaning can help you to remove dirt and pests that are caused by your pets, keeping your carpet looking great.

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