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Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning: Solutions to Flea Infestations in Carpet

In most cases, carpet cleaning services are thought of as resolving issues with dirt and spots on your carpet. However, carpet cleaning can handle fleas is another matter completely. SPITz Carpet Cleaning is well-known for their superior, deep-down cleaning capabilities; however, did you also know that their unique Roto Vac equipment can help to eradicate […]

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SPITz Carpet Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts for Spots and Spills

A large number of services that call SPITz Carpet Cleaning as the same question: What to use then an accident or spill happens on their carpet? The most important tip that you could receive is that the best home remedies for spot cleaning your carpets is NOT using the typical store bought spot cleaners, i.e. […]

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Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning Gets Out What Your Vacuum Leaves Behind

SPITz Los Angeles Gets What Your Vacuum Leaves Behind The most efficient way to clean your carpets on a regular basis is to vacuum them. However, did you know that there are some things that are left behind after you vacuum? The fact is that each time you step on your carpet you are driving […]

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