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SPITz Carpet Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts for Spots and Spills

A large number of services that call SPITz Carpet Cleaning as the same question: What to use then an accident or spill happens on their carpet?

The most important tip that you could receive is that the best home remedies for spot cleaning your carpets is NOT using the typical store bought spot cleaners, i.e. Woolite, NaturesMiracle, Resolve, etc. Each of these products uses extremely harsh chemicals, as well as optical brighteners that can actually cause damage to your carpet and rugs. This only masks the odor or stain, it does not remove it.

When you do use any store-bought carpet cleaning product, you should ensure that they have the CRI, which is the certified Seal of Approval for these products. If you do not have access or are unable to acquire one of these approved products, use the homemade remedies that are listed here.

Plain Water

While this may be a surprise to a number of homeowners, water will often work better than any untested product for cleaning carpets do.


Mixing ¼ of a teaspoon of a clear, nonlanolin or nonbleach dishwashing liquid with a cup of warm water, will create a solution that can be used to clean your carpet. You should never use any type of laundry detergent, as it could be too harsh or may even contain bleach.

White Vinegar

Another homemade solution you can try is to mix one cut of white vinegar (be sure it is not cider or red wine vinegar), with one cup of water. White vinegar, which is composed of five percent acetic acid, is often an effective treatment for tannis, which is types of weak vegetable dyes that are found in coffee and tea, and it will not leave behind any residue. You do need to be careful since the acids may set some types of other dye stains.

Cleaning Pet Accidents and the Odor they Cause

When it comes to pet urine stains, you need a different approach to ensure that the urine and the odor are removed from your carpet fibers. The first step is to blot any area that is damp when you locate the urine and be sure that you use a white paper towel. You then need to make a solution that consists of a cup of water that is lukewarm and ¼ teaspoon of some type of liquid dishwashing soap. You should never use any type of detergent.

Once the solution is applied you will absorb all of the moisture with a towel and then rinse the area with warm water. You should repeat the process until you see no more improvement in the area. Once you have finished applying the detergent, mixt one cup of water with one cup of ammonia and apply it to the area. Blot the liquid dry and then use two cups of water mixed with one cup of white vinegar on the spot. Continue drying until the area is dry.

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