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SPITz Things You Should Know About Carpet Cleaning

Deep cleaning and extraction is the only way to remove pet odor and stains.

Many customers call us for spot cleaning of their fine Persian rugs, or simply their regular carpet due to pet messes or long term odor and traffic from their pets. Oftentimes, customers relate their frustrations with permanently removing odor or stains using household cleaners and products. That’s because many of these products simply mask stains with reflective chemicals and don’t actually neutralize odors. Pet urine adheres to carpet fibers and travels with gravity-even after solidifying into a gel. If left untreated for a long enough time, it will seep into your carpet pads. SPITz uses industrial strength Rotovac wands that shoot six jets of cleaning solution into the problem area, followed by six vacuum slots to extract the urine, neutralizing the smell and doing away with the stain entirely.

Not all Los Angeles carpet cleaners are alike.

For spot cleaning, many Los Angeles carpet cleaning services will use masking chemicals similar to those described above. This will not deep-clean your carpets and ultimately leave you dissatisfied with the results when your traffic area and stains begin to resurface. That’s why SPITz always uses industrial strength deep cleaning equipment to provide true cleaning and extraction with every job.

Not all carpet cleaning equipment is safe for delicate rugs.

Carpet lines 2SPITz uses Rotovac industrial strength carpet cleaning equipment for every job, and this is mainly because of its power and effectiveness. But it’s also because Rotovac gear is gentle enough to avoid damaging any carpet fibers-even in antique or delicate rugs. Many Los Angeles carpet cleaning services will use single wands over and over again on problem spots which could lead to damaging fibers and causing unnecessary wear. Since the Rotovac spins, it works the stain from 360 degrees to avoid overuse on single spots. The motors are designed to powerfully clean, but actually spend less time on single areas while remaining gentle enough to avoid any carpet fiber damage.

SPITz avoids upselling and price gimmicks used by many Los Angeles carpet cleaners.

Your day is probably filled with enough intrusive and unscrupulous businesses attempting to manipulate your hard earned dollar. If your carpets need to be cleaned, the last thing you want is to have to guard against dishonest salesmen. Let’s face it here, ragged carpets and dirty rugs present a simple problem, and there is a very simple solution to clean them: Use the best equipment for the job. Here at SPITz, that’s what we do. We use the finest equipment available to Los Angeles carpet cleaners and we always provide honest evaluations and free quotes. Contact us today to see for yourself.

High-traffic areas CAN be removed and restored to a new look and feel.

carpet-cleaning2Even if your carpets are thoroughly soaked from flood damage or wasted from smoke damage, they can still possibly be fully restored. If you’ve been burned before by Los Angeles carpet cleaning services “restoring” your high traffic areas only to find they return shortly after, chances are they were using masking agents or substandard deep cleaning and extraction equipment. Call SPITz for real results. If we can’t restore your carpets, we’ll tell you! Simple as that-honest evaluations and assessments and high quality service. Need a Los Angeles carpet cleaning service? Get it done right the first time. Call us today for a free quote and more info and a consultation on your specific needs.

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