SPITz Carpet Cleaning


Not all Los Angeles carpet cleaners are alike. If you’ve ever called a Los Angeles carpet cleaning service, you may have experienced being lured in by low pricing, only to find out that basic service cost more than advertised.

You may have also been less than satisfied with their results, especially a few weeks after the service when dust and dirt was allowed to settle back into your heavy traffic spots or problem areas.

When seeking out a Los Angeles carpet cleaning service, choose one that uses the best equipment available. While tons of Los Angeles carpet cleaners use steam cleaners about as powerful as those you’d rent at a grocery store, SPITz uses high-powered industrial-strength Rotovac carpet cleaning equipment that’s tough enough to restore carpets from smoke damage, but gentle enough to use on antique rugs without damaging any fibers.

carpet-cleaning-wandIn regular steam cleaners used by most Los Angeles carpet cleaners, a spray jet shoots hot water and cleaning solution and is followed by a vacuum slot to remove water and dirt within the carpet fibers.

The Rotovac systems give SPITz an edge over other Los Angeles carpet cleaning services. The Rotovac has two spinning heads that move your carpet fibers so they can be cleaned from multiple angles. Additionally, each head has three spinning jets and vacuum slots, for a total of 6 times the cleaning and vacuum power of traditional steam cleaning wands.

The Rotovac heads spin at 250 RPM, generating 1,500 multidirectional cleaning strokes per minute. Check out some of the images in our gallery to see how much more effective the Rotovac is at removing tough stains, shadowing and high-traffic areas from your carpet.

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