SPITz Carpet Cleaning

If you’re looking for Malibu carpet cleaning services for your home or commercial building, give SPITz a call today for a free quote and evaluation.

Not all Malibu carpet cleaners operate alike-SPITz prides itself on giving honest and up-front pricing to every customer. SPITz avoids all of the up-sell tactics and bait-and-switch pricing gimmicks used by other Malibu carpet cleaners.

SPITz Malibu Carpet Cleaning Services:

Icon Uses Rotovac Industrial-Strength Equipment
Icon No Pricing Gimmicks
Icon Environmentally Friendly
Icon Full-Service Los angeles Carpet Cleaners
Icon Los Angeles Rug Cleaning and Upholstery

Instead, SPITz is a Malibu carpet cleaning service that prides itself on top-quality work and honest evaluations. Unlike many Malibu carpet cleaners, SPITz uses powerful Rotovac equipment to truly deep-clean your carpets and rugs, instead of just covering up dirt and high traffic areas with harsh light-refracting chemicals.

SPITz is a Los Angeles carpet cleaning service that uses all non-toxic cleaning solutions, so we’re as safe for your family and environmentally friendly as we can possibly be.

SPITz is also a Los Angeles rug cleaning company and upholstery cleaner as well. Whether you need spot cleaning or full restoration from smoke and water damage, call SPITz today and guarantee the job will get done right.

Call us today at 310-962-2263 for a free quote and honest evaluation of your home or commercial carpet cleaning needs. Request A Quote