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ver see Los Angeles carpet cleaners offer “steam cleaning, hot water cleaning or hot water extraction” but you’re not sure what the difference is?

Those services are essentially the same-a hot water jet sprays steamy water and cleaning solution into your rug while a vacuum slot immediately trails the stream and sucks up dirt, stains and other microorganisms and impurities buried deep within your carpet.

SPITz Los Angeles Carpet Cleaning Services:CarpetCleaner

Icon Uses Rotovac Industrial-Strength Equipment
Icon Deep Cleaning, No “Cover-Ups”
Icon All Non-Toxic Solutions
Icon Rivals the Finest Los Angeles Carpet Cleaners
Icon Offers Los Angeles Rug Cleaning and Spot Cleaning Services as Well

Though the services are the same, it’s important to know that not all Los Angeles carpet cleaning services are the same-SPITz uses industry-leading Rotovac equipment that employs six times the spray jets and vacuum slots as traditional wands used by other Los Angeles carpet cleaners.

The Rotovac also moves your carpet fibers more than the traditional equipment most Los Angeles carpet cleaning services use, allowing more dirt removal and restoration of high traffic areas without damaging any carpet fibers.

Other Los Angeles carpet cleaning services may try to up-sell you with unnecessary pre-treatments or shampooing that chemically masks dirt without actually removing it-SPITz is a Los Angeles carpet cleaner that always offers honest evaluations quotes, and service.

SPITz offers Los Angeles rug cleaning services as well as top quality carpet cleaning throughout your home or commercial office building. Contact us today for a free evaluation.

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